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You have reached the home  of Sunhill Beagles We love rabbit hunting .   We Have moved our home and beagles to Burnwell Kentucky  which is near South Williamson Ky. We Raise and train mainly Gay Baker  lines, with a few crosses with  Weircreek, and if you go back far enough you might find some Perisoncreek also. My dogs has lots of foot, grits, line control, with good mouths and the brains to keep it all together. They will bring the Rabbit back to the Gun Very quickly, they have made great gun dogs.  If you have any questions or comments please, contact me at the number to the left or e-mail me if you wish. If you call my home  number and don't get an answer Please leave a brief message and your number and I will call you back. We do appreciate your visit. However we are selling all of our dogs due to health reasons. They are good dogs and priced to go

                 Thanks  Sun Hill Beagles
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Here are some pictures of a  Hunt we took.These were taken in some very rough places: Click on pic. to see better view, Thanks for looking 

This page was last updated: September 20, 2014
This is what we call a grandson hunt.  about 1 hour into the hunt than we quit earley because of rain. click on picture for a better view..
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